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The emergence of enamel pins into the fashion world

The emergence of enamel pins into the fashion world is unprecedented. Evidently, the ever-surging demand has induced a growing interest by enterprise, and individual to join the bandwagon, produce enamel pins just to align with the trend. As tiny as they may appear, they arrive in varied sizes, designs and features some of which include: branded logos, offbeat illustration among others. Enamel pins are worn by people to express personality, beliefs, or promote a brand. The jean wear, hats, jackets, and other accessories are some of the items of fashion that can be easily branded with enamel pins. Seemingly, graphic designers, apparel makers, and major fashion outlets have keyed into the trend and are distinctively building successful enamel label pins.  Are you a fanatic of enamel pins? Do you desire to create your own collection but feel the process is daunting? If so, this post is for you. Come on board as I take you through the design, and production process.

Enamel Pin Design
Irrespective the type of enamel pins you desire to create; whether promotional, personality or you intend to portray a belief system, the hallmark of a well-fabricated pin begins with an impressive design. It does not matter the level of your design skill; a lot of tools and guides are in the public domain (online) to assist you in translating your ideas into reality. You would want to consider platforms such as illustrator, and Photoshop for a start. They are an ideal tool which you can use for your advantage. If you are not assessable to these platforms, utilize free options available to kick start the design process. Seek help from a designer if you are not self-assured. Online market place including Fiverr or Upwork can also assist you in turning your ingenuity to reality.
Commencing the process
From the business parlance; creating something new entails that you research and acquire the correct mix of resources from the very beginning. The guide you are reading is one of such resources, and so, I commend you for your effort so far. Certainly, the preliminary phase is achieved, and you are now set to design your enamel pin with ease. Yes, I meant it when I said with ease. Go through the questions scheduled below. As a newbie in the production of enamel pin, you probably would be seeking answers to one of the following inquiries: How can I transform my sketches into an enamel pin?  How do I create a product that commands demand? Who will form my customer base? Will I be able to sell my products? In this post, these inquiries and even more will be answered. All the daunting task of research had been handled for you. So, simply get started and achieve your dream.
Consider a Unique Niche
The recipe for creating something spectacular is to secure an audience. It will be much easier to limit yourself to a unique niche for your soon to be produced pins. To begin, have a mastery of your audience. This implies that you possess a complete understanding of your market including their taste and idea of great design and how to design something that meets their needs. Often, the point of departure for all well to do business is passion. So, consider a niche that you are a frenzy and eager to work in. By implication, every second, minute and hour spent during the design and production process will seem exciting. Though time and energy will be dissipated, you will appreciate your output because you are passionate.
How to discover a niche for your enamel pin project
To secure a niche, consider these two alternatives; first, identify a niche which you cherish. Second, consider a niche that you’ve had prior knowledge about; hence further lessons would be easy. All it demands is to do small market research to discover a frenzied and compelling audience that you can work with. If you are a part of a niche community, developing a project that meets their needs, and values are pretty simple. Note: A community or group with a distinctive set of interest may be considered as a niche.  Seemingly, if you are not certain about your niche, then consider what excites you and think of your neighborhood. Are there hobbies you possess? What TV shows, film or books excite you? What captivate your fancy? It is a wise strategy to identify a community and even better to discover a new niche having brand-new opportunity to succeed. Are you interested in discovering great niches that are out there? Then consider the following:
Google Trends: For a general run-through of search volume, use the Google trends. Google trend may not be as effective as the second and third options, but it is a good start. You can quickly identify a viable niche.
Reddit: With the Reddit List, you can identify the best functional and operational niche or communities. As one of the largest meeting place for business, researching and recognizing a great niche is easy and straightforward.
KW Finder: This is one of the strategies to access demand and interest. The KW Finder is used by people to have an understanding of how frequent your target niches are searched in search engines

How to choose a niche community that fits
The moment you have research and identify potential niches you like, then the next thing to do will be to determine the best or one that fits your person. Below are things to consider
How Unique is your Niche? Your identified niche should possess striking characteristics that distinct it from the other community. Niches with numerous features and unique characteristics are easy to locate
How Sustainable is your Niche? One consideration for a successful project is the sustainability of your target audience. Your ideal audience should be one that will last and stand the test of time
How Active are Niche members? A major challenge is imminent without an active niche. Your chosen niche should have active participants. Join a community that will support and promote you.
How Scalable is the Niche? Commence by targeting a bijou subset of the community with your products. If the feedback is commendable, then expand further. If joining the niche won’t limit your future prowess, then it’s a great one for you.
How compact is the Niche in terms of Influencers? Are there major players that are popular on social media in your niche? Are these influencers already marketing to your chosen audience? Then, this makes it significantly easy for you. Consider them as a fore-runner. They have done the groundwork and have created awareness. All you need is a design that surge.
2. Sketch your designs
Now that you have identified your audience, it’s time to decide the finishing.  Irrespective of your design skill, making designs those appeals to the eye is achievable. A variety of alternative exists for you to get linked up. Let’s consider the various resources that can be used to create an ideal enamel pin irrespective of your skill set. Utilize the illustrator or Photoshop platform to make mockups for your label pins. GIMP, Paint.NET, Pixlr, and SumoPaint are some free options that you can explore to make your design. Alternatively, if you are not self-assured or lack time to design your output, seek the assistance of an expertize designer. Great designers flood the market place. In case you are considering the outsourcing option, think of the Noun Project, Creative Market, Fiverr, GraphicRiver and Upwork platform. It is important that you buy design resources that have been licensed.
What should your final design look like?
Ideal physical appearance should possess solid colors. The Pantone color system is ideal. This is because it arrives with transparent and gradient color options.
The text font, size, and style should be determined base on the size of the enamel pins.
Your producers will require the JPG and PNG format. It is crucial that you request for details to ensure that you are following specific guidelines.
3. Manufacture your pins
Are your designs ready?  It’s time to consider the manufacturing details. Scout for manufacturers that possess the capacity to transform your ideas into enamel pins No one knows it all. Even seasoned entrepreneurs still have cold feet when scouting for manufacturers, distributors or suppliers. Notwithstanding this, the process is simple if you have a full understanding of your needs. Let’s consider the step by step approach for evaluating manufacturers.
Hard Enamel Pins and Soft Enamel Pins:
There are two styles of label pins; hard enamel and Soft Enamel Pins.

Soft enamel pins

Soft enamels are well-known options for developing pins. They are ideal for newbies. In a more generic sense, they arrive with numerous colors with dynamic color arrays. You are liable to choose from an array of textural finishing of your choice including edges and border that appeals to you and at an affordable cost. Nevertheless, soft enamels do not last as long as their hard counterparts and are easily abraded. It is advisable to identify and choose the style that projects your designs better.

Hard enamel pins
Hard enamel lasts longer than their soft enamel counterpart. Their texture is smooth across the borders and outlines. The layering is flat and smooth but hard and buffed at the terminal. They are costly. Unlike the soft enamels, they are color restricted and are not vibrant. The hard enamel pins are finished with a distinctive coat of resin hence; its smooth texture. It is an ideal choice when durability is a key consideration, and the clients require something professional.
Pricing the Enamel Pins
Maintaining a low ordering cost for pins is vital. When you desire to order for your pins, the following should guide you on the price assessment: The amount of color present in the design, the design complexity, the pin size, and the volume of order. With regards to the order size or quantity, the manufacturer builds in the prior mold charges. The moment the mold for the pin is ready, the cost for consolidating more pins to your order does not have much effect to the bottom line as that of making the mold. To identify a good manufacturer, quickly search goggle. A few options you should consider include: Made by Cooper, True Metal Works, The/Studio. Linking a good manufacturer may seem daunting. If this is the case, you can consult the services of Alibaba to track a reliable manufacturer for you.

Manufacturing Specifications for enamel pins
For maximum result, there are a few specifications to be considered for your enamel pins. As you reach out to a manufacturer, it is imperative that you consider them. Beyond the hard and soft materials, some manufacturers allow you to customize the material you choose to use for your pins. You can make options base on texture, and color of the enamel pins. Inquire to know the availability of such alternatives. The needle component of the pin is also important. Inquire about its availability as well. For the needle, inquire if the clasp is made of steel, rubber or some other kind of finishing. More so, inquire to know if you can customize your product shipping. Enamel pins are packed in small plastic bags. You can request for custom packing bags with distinctive expertize finishing. If this option is available, be certain that what you get is what you requested.
How to fund and sell the Enamel Pins
A principal issue when it comes to making a product for sell is funding. Enamel pins are capital intensive, and so pricing is based on the size, material, quality, and packaging. Just a design can run into thousands of dollars to produce. It all depends on your needs. Below are a few ways to reduce the cost burden.
Collaborate with a few persons and split the cost
Maintain few color mix and keep it simple
You can adopt the crowdfunding approach. Curio Mill and Titty Bats is an example
Start up an online store. You can sell in Big Cartel, Storenvy, Esty or Depop. Choose an option that you are most comfortable with
Subscribe periodically to ambitious makers like PinClub
Promote your pin business to people. Go on social media to disseminate the information. Instagram, facebooks alike.
On social media, do giveaways to lure clients
Enter into partnership with other pin artists. Offer to assist them in advertising their products as well while they do the same to your products. You can run a joint pin trade (giveaways)

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